Rules to follow in a Volleyball game

Volleyball is a popular sport which involves an enthusiastic physical techniques and strategies to deliver a wonderful match. There are a few tips and tricks and norms that must be ensured to cherish the true essence of the game. The basic norms and a few significant points that must be considered while playing volleyball are highlighted below.


Choose your Players

A healthy and competitive volleyball match ideally consists of 6 players on each side. 3 players should be kept near the net while the rest must be close at the read boundary of the court. The player who stands at the back right corner will start the serve and players can be rotated in clockwise direction to give a fair chance to all in the team.

Proper Servings

It is important to serve the ball from the back of the court or else it will not be counted as a point. If the ball is served from the front of the line it is treated as a foot fault. The ball must fly over the net and has to land within the boundaries of the court.

The player at the back on the right hand side will serve back. Each player receives only one service for every serve rotation.

Return the Ball

The player must return the ball from the receiving the team for the match to continue. A typical volley ball match will bump, spike and set and it is fair to hit the ball with any part of your body without allowing resting on the ground.

Be consistent about hitting the ball to and fro

The volley ball match will be rallied only when the ball keeps swinging between both the teams. The players must hit the ball with any of their body part and make it travel across the other team who are supposed to hit it back. This back and forth throws of the all gives continuity to the match until a fault happen which is due to either of the following reasons:

  1. The ball rests on the ground
  2. It hits the ground on the side of the team who has been serving. If the ball hits the ground then the other team can serve.
  3. If the ball goes out of bounds or touches the net. If a team player touches the net or his foot touch he net then the opponent secures a point.
  4. Players cannot hit the ball twice.

Serve the ball again understand the rules

The team who bagged the last points will get to initiate the next serve and it can rotate among the team players. The game is all about hitting the ball back and forth until you make a fault or it comes to rest on the ground. A standard match is 3 games and each team must switch sides while starting a new game. A volley ball game is won by 2 points. Regulation games must be 25 points while the third game should be of 15 points.

Now that you are familiar with the rules of this sport, why don’t you grab a pair¬†of the best volleyball shoes and hit the court?